Welcome to April! 

We hope you and your colleagues are all well and maintaining social distancing as we collectively and desperately try to flatten the global curve of COVID-19. We want to give you an update on CLARITY2020:

  • The conference will happen! We’re not sure what that looks like at this point. We’re gathering information as fast as we can, considering new options almost daily, and always thinking about what will work best for you.
  • We have received over 70 provocative and important proposals that we are committed to share with our community in interesting and cutting-edge ways.

As COVID-19 changes the world as we’ve known it, so the conference will set a standard for our future conferences. They say that “necessity is the mother of invention,” and we are energized as we work toward a new, innovative experience for all of us.

We sincerely wish that we could tell you exactly and precisely the shape of the conference now. We cannot. Too many parts are still moving; too much is still evolving; too much is still unknown. We’re working hard to get answers, and we’ll share our next update no later than May 1.

Till then, be careful and stay healthy,

Susan Kleimann
Chair, Clarity2020

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