Our Venue The Watergate

Join us at the Watergate

The Watergate Hotel - a historical destination experience - blends iconic history with modern luxury.

The Watergate Hotel's flowing avant-garde architecture was designed by Luigi Moretti to emulate the mighty Potomac. Its name is synonymous with the country's biggest political scandal, but the Watergate was controversial from the start – its curvy, sprawling design sent shock waves through conservative DC.

Despite this criticism, the DC luxury hotel quickly became a noted celebrity playground where actors and models hobnobbed with Congressmen and Supreme Court justices. It’s glamorous reputation

was eclipsed by political scandal in 1972 when five intruders were caught in the Democratic National Committee Headquarters, leading to President Richard  Nixon’s resignation.

Today, the newly renovated Watergate is a place where travel and business are occasions worth celebrating, attention to detail is the standard, and intrigue can be found just beyond every curve. When it comes to hotels in Washington DC, nothing tops the luxury – or history – of The Watergate Hotel.


2650 Virginia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20037
September 30, 2020 - October 2, 2020